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attic insulation restoration and home repairPests are indeed very irritating and can cause a lot of nuisance and awkwardness. It is very uncomfortable to share your home with uninvited rodents, bugs and destructive pests. These animals often leave damage in crawl spaces, roofs, attics, garages, sheds and other structures. They can leave holes and torn up wood in your structures.

For instance, when pest choose your attic as an abode, they often construct nests and damage insulation. This can leave your home vulnerable to hosting diseases and compromise its structural integrity thereby causing roof leakages. At Wildlife X Team of Dallas, we have the knowledge and experience to offer quality animal damage repair and renovation services. Whether it is a deck, patio, shed renovation, we will offer a permanent solution, which is why we offer a guarantee that no animal will re-enter at the point of repair.

Quality Service GuaranteedOur team of experts at Wildlife X Team of Dallas are fully equipped to repair whatever damage wildlife and pests may have caused to your building. This includes sealing holes, repairing cracks, and replacing damaged pipework which would allow rats or mice to re-enter the property; fixing doors, pipes, brickwork, and any damage to electrical wiring where rats or mice have chewed through it. With our help, you may never even know that damage was done. Also, we base our repairs on long term effects, always keeping in mind, the quality, look and end result.

With a full service inspection, we can determine the damage done and the best way to restore your building to its original condition. Our Wildlife X Team of Dallas performs a variety of home repair and restoration services to help restore value back into your home. Contact us today for more information!


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