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Dallas Animal Control & Trapping

Wildlife X Team of Dallas is one of the best wildlife trapping and Dallas animal control companies in Dallas, Texas. We perform humane and fast wildlife removal services for your home and business. Our Dallas team offers both residential and commercial animal control services. We are both licensed and insured. Wildlife X Team of Dallas assist with animal control for most wildlife. We handle possum removal, rodent removal, raccoon removal, get rid of bats, and offer snake removal services as well. Our team also has experience with birds. We help get rid of almost all nuisance wild animals.  We service Dallas and Collin County. We pride ourselves in performing fast, safe, and humane wildlife control and wildlife removal right the first time.

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Wildlife Waste Removal and Sanitation

Wildlife have a scavenger lifestyle. They come into contact with so much and end up carrying bacteria, diseases, mites, fleas, ticks and other headaches they bring to your property. Their waste can carry so much harmful bacteria and penetrate deep into porous surfaces like wood. It can cause some serious illness and health issues if you, someone else or a pet is exposed to the left behinds of wild animals like rodents and possums. Wildlife X Team of Dallas has a team of professionals experienced in dealing with toxic situations. Protect your health and leave it to the experts of Wildlife X Team of Dallas to come to your home or business and bring it back to the safest standards.

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Our Exclusive Wildlife Inspection Report

Take advantage of our free Exclusive Wildlife Inspection Report. We inspect your home or business to find the pest, how they are accessing your home and give you a clear solution to the problem along with a quote. We cover over 50 points to make sure we handle the problem right the first time. We inspect both the interior and exterior of your home/business. Our FREE and exclusive wildlife inspection report will give you a clear idea of the problem, the solution, prevention measures and cost! We have one of the most detailed inspections making sure we find whatever wildlife is infesting your home. No wild animal will be left behind. Once we know where the pest is and how it is accessing your property we can put a stop to any future infestations.

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Home/Attic Restoration and Repair

Our Dallas Wildlife X Team performs a variety of home restoration and repair services to help bring the value back into your investment. Wildlife will tear and break down your home and business bringing down the value. The damage pest leave behind is also unsightly. We aim to provide the best service at an affordable price. Wildlife X Team of Dallas performs various home services dealing with repair and restoration. We have also teamed with an exclusive financing partner to help you cover up to 100% of any large work which may need to be performed. If your home or business has any issues allowing wildlife animals to enter your home we will fix it. If you have damage due to wild animals and pest we will fix that as well.

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Dead Animal Removal

Handling dead animals can be a disgusting task that can also compromise your health. Worst of all is by the time you discover there is a dead animal on your property it has a penetrating stench and has began to decay. There could be maggots and bacteria has multiplied. The dead animal may be in a hard to find place like a wall or attic. Do you just throw it away? How do you dispose of dead wildlife? Wildlife X Team of Dallas will get the job done for you. No dead animal job is to disgusting to handle for us! We'll get rid of the animal, take care of thee funk, and if necessary we will perform sanitation services.

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Covering Dallas, Fort Worth, and Collin County

About Wildlife X Team of Dallas

Wildlife X Team of Dallas is a full service animal control business. We perform a wide variety of animal control services in Dallas and the surrounding area. We help get rid of a variety of animals. Some animals we assist with to remove include: bats, possums, raccoons, mice, rodents, snakes, moles, hogs, and way more! We help you figure out what the noise in the attics and walls are coming from. We also perform prevention like repair- sealing up entry ways that are allowing pest to enter your home and business. Wildlife X Team of Dallas sanitizes your property as well. We are a full service animal control business in Dallas and can help you with ALL your wildlife pest needs. Contact us with any questions and we will be happy to assist you!

Our Service Areas: Dallas County; Addison, Balch Springs, Cockrell Hill, Desoto, Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Garland, Highland Park, Hutchins, Irving, Lancaster, Sowers, Sunnyvale, University Park, Wilmer. Collin County; Allen, Celina, Frisco, Lucas, Nevada, Princeton, Anna, Copeville, Josephine, McKinney, New Hope, Prosper, Blue Ridge, Fairview, Lavon, Melissa, Parker, Carrollton, Farmersville, Lowry Crossing, Murphy, Plano, Royse City, Princeton, Sachse, Wylie, Richardson, Saint Paul, Van Alstyne, Weston, Fort Worth, DFW

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